Grosvenor Casinos Unsuccessful on Latest Bid for Edinburgh

Grosvenor Casinos Unsuccessful on Latest Bid for Edinburgh

Grosvenor Casinos has been on a quest of late to turn the former Mecca Bingo Hall and Palais de Danse in Edinburgh, Scotland into a full fledged casino complete with all the trimmings of a standard gambling destination. However, after an unsuccessful third attempt to persuade city licensing chiefs to sanction the casino, it appears that Grosvenor has no other choice but to give up on their quest.

Having initially submitted their application for a casino permit in March of this year,

Grosvenor was turned down on the basis there is not enough demand for another gambling destination in ruby fortune,in addition to concern from a large portion of local residents who believe that another casino would only enable antisocial behavior in Edinburgh, which already has its fare share to begin with us.

Grosvenor, however, cites that Edinburgh has fewer casinos than any other city in Scotland, and that there certainly is enough demand to produce a steady stream of gaming tax revenue for the city itself. After being turned down the first time, Grosvenor appealed to Scotland’s Sheriff Court, who in turn, proposed that the licensing board reconsider Grosvenor’s application, as well as provide further proof and grounds for another denial.

Although it is not precisely known what further evidence the Council provided on its latest ruling, the bottom line is that Grosvenor lost its bid once again by a vote of eight to five, thus giving substantial reason for gambling insiders and analysts to conclude that Grosvenor will likely give up on its Edinburgh Casino for the time being.

Dig up the Sultan’s Gold at Casino Tropez

It has become routine for the latest games developed by Playtech to be launched first at Casino Tropez , which explains why few are surprised by the fact that Sultan’s Gold will make its debut here. Although this is not the first slot game to have an Arabian background, it has the potential of breaking the patterns and turn into a welcomed diversion.

Add to this the fact that players can win as much as 5,000 coins on each payline and the jackpot line will add an additional 2000, and it is easy to explain why everyone looks forward to playing Sultan’s Gold. All of the symbols that are scattered on the five reels are in complete accord with the theme, and cool animations begin whenever a winning combination is hit.

Players will eventually get used to the belly dancers, magic plans, curved swords and various cards ranging from nine to ace, but the first impression is powerful. Both the scatter and wild symbols are represented by the palace, and players can hope to win scatter payouts when at least three symbols appear on the a reel. The top payout consists of 500 coins which are awarded to those who see 5 scatter symbols.

There is no multiplier for free spins, but on the good side these free rounds can last indefinitely and the best thing is that just like the most recent Playtech slot games, Sultan’s Gold also has a mystery scatter symbol. Pretty much any sign can assume this role and with the bet on a line varying from a fifth of a credit to 500 credits, the winnings can be impressive. This slot game is fully customizable and players can enhance their gaming experience by tinkering with the filters and sliders.