British Students Hot For Poker

British Students Hot For Poker

Many students already skilled in the game of poker, British university students over the age of 18 years that is, will soon have a targeted spirited arena of their own following Poker Room advances to universities all over Britain directed at setting off the initial UK national Student Poker Tour.

This month the country’s largest university towns will be acting as hosts to PokerRoom as it looks to discover the outstanding student Texas Hold ‘Em player. The tour started out in Liverpool on the 20th of February and is intended to include Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham, Leicester, and London, before completing it’s tour in Bristol on the 3rd of March.

The first round of the tour will be played by thousands of students who will be playing at their favorite student hangouts and picking up tips by experts from PokerRoom; the following day will be the day the online tournament will take place, and the winner from each of the universities will play in the finals.

On 11 March the leading top 10 online poker players will then come together to fight it out at a finals table on PokerRoom for the grand prize, a late model new GBP 15,000 sports car.

Pokerroom’s head executive is reported as saying that the launching of the Student Poker Tour, will bring the exciting world of poker directly to the expanding audience and will develop a relationship with an otherwise untapped market. He says that their company aims to demonstrate to students that anyone can be an exceptional Texas Hold’Em player once he is provided with the tools and the necessary information.

Baltimore City Not Amused About Slots

It is hard to believe, yet more findings are giving truth to the accusation that Baltimore’s slot machines are generating illegal revenue that could be costing the state millions in gaming taxes The most recent evidence comes in the form of a study conducted by the Abell Foundation in Maryland, which with the help of journalist Joan Jacobsen, tabulated that over 3,500 video slots in Baltimore County (primarily located in Baltimore City) are in operation.

And although each and every one of these machines is not built to dispense cash winnings, the investigatory study shows that winnings are being dispensed by the businesses that give a home to these machines. Despite the fact the slots explicitly say they are to be used for “Amusement Only”, Baltimore residents have found a way to do what they please with the machines.

Exact findings from the study report these machines are bringing in a yearly value ranging from $90 to $180 million. That equates to a minimum of $15 million in tax revenue per year. The large gap in the annual figure is because there was no way the study could show that all of these machines were actually participating in the apparent underground gambling ring. Yet, there is enough verified widespread abuse of the slot machines, that statistical methods can estimate an average net of winnings being disbursed.

The most concern, however, seems to come from the notion that most of the this revenue is not being reported to tax collection agencies in Maryland….Hence, the figures that indicate the state is losing out on vast amounts of funds that could be used to help schools and social programs.