Century Casinos Planning to Build in Croydon, London

Century Casinos Planning to Build in Croydon, London

Croydon, which is located in South London may be one of the first locations to host a new mid-sized casino under the soon-to-be active Gambling Act in the UK. Just as soon as the Gambling Commission begins accepting applications to build casinos under the Gambling Act’s allotment, Century Casinos Inc. will be submitting an application to build in Croydon.

Teaming up with Westmead Business Group Limited, the two companies are seeking to renovate the Aerodrome Hotel and Airport House and build a casino with thirty tables, and approximately 150 slot machines. Along with prime gambling amenities, the proposal seeks to operate a hotel and health club, along with restaurants and bars – A mini-Vegas casino, if you will.

The CEO of Century Casinos, Peter Hoetzinger, commented on the project, saying that it would turn Croydon into London’s top gambling destination. Some might say a bit ambitious, however, the location of the site does appear to be a prime choice for doing business. Croydon could most definitely use a boost for its local economy, which a casino would likely provide.

Of course, nothing is written in stone just yet. Both Westmead and Century will need to submit a horde of applications, including those that would properly zone the area they are planning to build on. The time is coming close when the Gambling Commission will be conducting new business under the finely tuned UK Gambling Act.

UK Online Poker is Up With CelebPoker

Business Britain has officially announced its online gaming awards, which include the “Best Online Gaming Company of the Year” award for 2005-2006. Having monitored the UK online gambling industry for the last eighteen months, the award is most definitely legitimate and has gone to none other than CelebPoker. With an increase in player traffic of over 600% since first going online in 2004, CelebPoker has come a very long way in a very short period of time.

Following an April ’06 award by Top Pair Magazine for “Best Communications”, CelebPoker is becoming one of the hottest UK online poker rooms on the Web.Recent findings show that over four million UK citizens are going online to gamble at online casinos and poker rooms. And with annual stake amounts increasing by nearly 600% since 2003, it looks as if the industry will be drawing even more players to online gaming sites in the coming days. Bettors can rest assured that CelebPoker will be one of these sites seeing even more of an increase in traffic. And for online poker players, this means guaranteed jackpots and tournaments at CelebPoker will be going for very large sums.

As for the award handed out by Business Britain, the criteria for “Best Gaming Company” included the simplicity of the playing system, facilitation of financial transactions, customer help responsiveness and advice for gambling related issues, overall security of the website, tournaments and table action, prize money and awards, software graphics and appearance of site, the size and demographics of the poker community and the ethics policies of the company.