Mobile Casino Review

Mobile Casino Review1-900 Jackpot Inc. has a very interesting type of lottery up their sleeves. It is called the “Lifestyles Immigration Lottery”, which is essentially aimed at foreigners who might be interested in immigrating to Canada. According to a recent press release issued by 1-900 Jackpot, the Mexican based lottery firm, Emerge Enterprises, has stated a lottery license will be approved in September to begin selling the tickets in Mexico.

Furthermore, there is supposedly interest from other countries as well, including Russia, China and India.

The tickets will begin selling in October of this year, with the first jackpot draw expected to take place by December 31, 2007. Depending on the success of the lottery, multiple draws are planned throughout the year. Indeed, it shall be interesting to see how the lottery is embraced, considering each ticket will cost $103 each, with a total of 1 million tickets being sold. With a 1 in a million chance of winning, $103 might not be worth the risk to foreigners who obviously might be struggling to begin with if they are hoping to immigrate to Canada.

The prize package for one single winner includes $10 million in cash, a $1 million home in Canada, a $100,000 car, a 7-year employment contract worth $3.9 million, and assistance in meeting immigration requirements for becoming a citizen of Canada. A little strange to say the least, it can’t be said this lottery is anything but unique. Lifestyles Immigration Lottery will hopefully make at least one person’s immigration dreams come true.

Japan Airlines Likely to End Las Vegas Flights

With a decision looming overhead, it looks likely that Japan Airlines (JAL) will be pulling its direct flights to Las Vegas. JAL officials communicated to McCarran International Airport recently that the airline is considering pulling all direct flights as a result of downsizing that includes retiring its older Boeing 747’s. With fuel costs still very high, JAL is looking more favorably on smaller planes like the 777 and 787.

Although a company spokesperson said they are considering cutting back on several international flights, Clark County Aviation Director, Randall Walker, is urging nobody to get their hopes up. In other words, it looks pretty imminent that JAL will be ending its direct flight service to Las Vegas.

Although JAL was responsible for bringing approximately 86,500 visitors to Las Vegas, the city’s Convention and Visitor’s Authority says that an end to flights would not put a curb on the number of Japanese gamblers. JAL is not the only option that Japan travelers have in getting to Nevada. There are many alternatives that, although may not have direct service, will get people to Las Vegas nonetheless.

Statistics show that only about 19% of all Japanese visitors to Las Vegas casinos in 2004 came through JAL, which is a testament to the increased focus that has been given to the Asian demographic. Las Vegas has actually made a specific marketing campaign to capitalize on the large demographic of Japanese gamblers. The campaign has been very successful to date, and has seen support from casinos such as the Wynn, which has a definitive Oriental atmosphere in its beautiful lobby and casino floor.